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Life2vec, made by a group of Researchers, can forecast when you will die.

What is Life2vec?

I know that scientists in Denmark and the United States made a computer program called Life2vec.

The AI model learned a lot of information from Lifetime Tables to make educated guesses about a person’s life.

After collecting information from Danish medical and population records for six million people, including birth time, education, income, housing, and health, the researchers taught the AI model to forecast future events.

Life2vec, according to its creators, can forecast when people will die by analyzing data.

For instance, in a test on people aged 35 to 65, half of whom passed away between 2016 and 2020, it could tell with 78% accuracy who would die and who would live.

Lifetime Vision

Professor Sune Jørgensen and his research team from the Technical University of Denmark found that Life2vec was only trained on data from Denmark.

This means that the results might be different for people in other countries. But, Jorgensen also said that companies should not have these models.

“Clearly, our model should not be used by an insurance company because insurance works by spreading the risk of not knowing who will be affected by an event, like getting hurt or losing something. ” Jorgensen explained

Life2vec is not ready for everyone to use yet.

People who made it, think that big tech companies with lots of data might be making similar models.

Ethics Archery

Using an AI model that can guess how long you will live has some Ethics Archery.

  • It can help you avoid dying early.

“Our framework helps researchers find out how things can affect your life and how to personalize help for you,” says the Life2vec team.

Scientists did an experiment three times and it worked. They made a lot of energy. We know how it will impact the Earth.

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